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Decosense Cleaning is proud to use eco-friendly cleaning products from several well-known manufacturers found within our industry, including:

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Toronto, ON, Canada 

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Decosense Cleaning has 7 years of experience in cleaning businesses, homes, industrial complexes, and various other facilities throughout the GTA.
From Mississauga and Halton, we have satisfied clients throughout the cities comprising the Greater Toronto Area.
Insured and Bonded, we aim for quality and tailored service at a reasonable price and everything is taken care of by qualified, experienced cleaners.

GTA. Peel Region, and Surrounding Areas

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GTA. Peel Region, and Surrounding Areas

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Renovation Cleaning

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​GTA. Peel Region, and Surrounding Areas

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 GTA. Peel Region, and Surrounding Areas

Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly Cleaning Services Available

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